VOM Wallet

Donations to the VoM Wallet through the Voice of Music website www.voiceofmusic.org.After selecting and donating to a specific recipient, donators may also choose to donate to the VoM wallet. Funds in the VoM Wallet will be allocated to:
  • Adding donations to a recipient in case not enough money is raised through the website over the set time period. It must be noted that the VoM wallet may not fully cover the total money needed to be raised, as the quantity of money is determined through the urgency of the situation (prosthetics), background, and quality of the said person (education).
  • To support the activities and social projects of Voice of Music, included the operational cost of Voice of Music.
VoM Wallet will be raised through :
  1. Donations to the VoM Wallet through the Voice of Music website www.voiceofmusic.org.
  2. Sponsorship: a regular donation in the form of workforce (advertising, media partner) or money. Sponsors will be put in the “sponsors” widget in the Voice of Music website. A page will also be dedicated on the Voice of Music website for information on sponsors. Sponsors will also be showcased during any one of the Voice of Music projects.
  3. Musical activities, creating a music project, be it charity concerts, charity CD albums, or even informal gigs. The profits gained from these projects will then be added to the Voice of Music wallet
  4. Cooperation with other organizations that have the parallel vision and mission as Voice of Music.