Harp CD album "Voice of Indonesia", harpist: Gabriella Gwen

Rp 80.000

Voice of Indonesia is Gabriella Gwen's first harp album, containing specific pieces chosen from all around Indonesia to encapsulate Indonesia's official national motto "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika" - Unity in Diversity, thus capturing Voice of Music's spirit of youth empowerment to enrich the society. In addition, Voice of Indonesia contains Gabriella's two compositions, "Voice of Dreams" and "Voice of Indonesia" to capture the hope and spirit of Indonesia's youth.

List of song:
  1. Voice of Indonesia
  2. Voice of Dreams
  3. Indonesia Pusaka
  4. Bungong Jeumpa
  5. Soletam
  6. Senandung Nusantara
  7. Simfoni Indonesia Timur
Bonus track:
Voice of Dreams - harp solo
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