Our Team

Founder and President:
Gabriella Gwen

Born in Jakarta, 2001, had her first encounter with music at the age of 5 when she first learnt the piano. Since then Gaby's talent in music is prevalent through the many piano competitions she has won since the age of 6, such as the E.L.M.S International Piano and Chamber Music Competition, Musical Fiesta Binus Interschool Music Competition, CDE National Piano Competition, Semarang Open National Piano Competition, Gracia Open Piano Competition, and many others, to the point that

Gaby had been selected as the best classical pianist and the winner of the National PCMS Classical Piano Competition and performed in her first Solo Piano Recital when she was 13 years old. Gaby's love and passion for music had then led her to start learning to play other instruments including the violin and harp. Her acquaintance with the harp has brought such a strong allure that made her rigorously pursue learning the harp, eventually choosing it as her main instrument.

Gaby had attended masterclasses from both national and international harpists such as Maria Luisa Ryan, Sylvain Blassel, Catherine Mitchell, Katryna Tan, Jakez Francois, Heidi Awuy dan Rama Widi. Currently Gaby is the principal harpist in the Indonesian Youth Concert Orchestra (IYCO). Along with IYCO, she has performed symphony orchestra pieces in various concerts, under the guidance of competent mentors and conductors.

Gaby has also performed in international events such as Harpfest Singapore, Harp Academy Hong Kong, and in charity concerts and concerts in governmental events such as at the ministry of trade, the city hall, and the Parliament (MPR/DPR). Gaby's love for music and her empathy towards her social community has driven her to establish Voice of Music which aims to raise funds for education and prosthetics for those in need. Through Voice of Music, Gaby wishes to make use of society's talents in music to contribute in helping each person achieve their right for a better future.

Co-President of Voice of Music @ JIS and Chief of Marketing Officer of Voice of Music:
Angelina Aileen

Angelina Aileen is the co-president of Voice of Music @ JIS and Chief of Marketing Officer of Voice of Music. Angelina’s main responsibilities in the organisation include organising events or collaborations to promote our mission and to raise awareness about Voice of Music’s vision, and overseeing the execution and planning of events. In Voice of Music Jakarta Intercultural School charter, Angelina’s role undertakes various tasks such as regularly communicating with the High School Service Learning Coordinator, evaluating club service meetings and monitoring the club’s progress and officer responsibilities.

Angelina Aileen music journey started at the age of 4, learning the piano. Over the years, Angelina’s passion for music continued to grow which interested her into learning other musical instruments such as the drums and the acoustic guitar. Angelina has achieved the highest Student Yamaha School Piano Examination Certificate and a Grade 7 ABRSM Piano Certificate. Angelina’s performance abilities and musical knowledge is well shown in the various winning competitions and performances she has attended in Yamaha Music School. Angelina is also actively involved in her high school musical activities. She was chosen as the piano representative of her school Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asia Schools (IASAS) Music Team 2016-2018 which took her to perform in the IASAS conference in Taiwan.

This love made her realise the beauty and joy that music can bring. Realising this, Angelina became one of the first members of Voice of Music to help bring forward VoM’s vision and mission.

Co-President of Voice of Music @ JIS and Curriculum Officer of Voice of Music:
Alicia Hartono

My name is Alicia, the co-president of Voice of Music @ JIS and curriculum officer of Voice of Music. In accordance with the title I hold, my main job is to develop the club’s curriculum to teach to the children. I also train members so they understand their specific roles in teaching.

I realize that I have been blessed with the privilege to have access to music education from a young age, and music continues to play a major role in shaping my identity today. Because of all the benefits I have gained from learning music, I am determined to share my passion with children who otherwise would not have the opportunity to learn it.

Treasurer and IT Development:
Moses Mayer