How to set up your own Voice of Music Chapter

1. Make sure there are no existing Voice of Music Chapters in your community

All Voice of Music Chapters (VoM Chapters) will be listed on the Voice of Music website and have a page in the website dedicated to each chapter. In addition to that, it is mandatory for each Voice of Music Chapter to set up an instagram account to document their activities. 
Each instagram account will be named @voiceofmusic.(name), hence making it easier for you to find the Voice of Music Chapter closest to you. 

There is also a section in the Voice of Music website that states the Voice of Music Chapters that have been established and are currently operating.

List of VoM Chapters Page This page will include:
  • Name of Voice of Music Chapter instagram account with link to the instagram page.
  • List with names of people on the present and past management team (officers) per year and supervisor. 
  • Details of when the chapter was started. 
  • Details of the communities the chapter teaches per semester/year including: name of community, age group, number of people. 
  • Curriculum used to teach the community: including “VoM grade levels”, details of songs taught, voice/instruments taught.
You are NOT allowed to set up a Voice of Music Chapter in communities where a Voice of Music chapter exists. Approval from Voice of Music is needed to set up a Voice of Music Chapter.

2. Request for Voice of Music 1st Approval

To request for Voice of Music 1st Approval is 
to request Voice of Music’s permission to open your own chapter. 

Request for Voice of Music 1st Approval through
 via website OR via current VoM Chapter Member*.
*for application via current VoM Chapter Member, Chapter member must refer to Voice of Music Chapter Handbook.

Then, contact Voice of Music by email, WhatsApp, instagram direct message. Include 
name and location of your VoM Chapter and your contact information as your VoM Chapter Founder to Voice of Music. 

Await reply from Voice of Music for your Voice of Music 1st Approval.

Steps will then be sent by Voice of Music after receiving Voice of Music 1st Approval and signing a web agreement and contract with Voice of Music.

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