Yohane Eudes Galih Landhung Prasojo (19 year)
Banjarasri, Java
Fund Needed
Rp 3.737.500
Fund Raised
Rp 5.387.500
Days Left

Yohanes Eudes Galih Landhung Prasojo - The top in the class

Voice of Music has successfully funded first semester education fee of Yohanes, school year 2017/2018. Thank you for all of  donors who have supported Voice of Music in empowering generation.
Voice of Music has evaluated the achievement of Yohanes that is shown through his school report  and reference from his school. Yohanes maintains his remarkably achievement and showed his determination. Now, Voice of Music is raising funds for second semester school fee of Yohanes. Show your support to Yohanes, please click the Donate button and send your donation through this website.

Yohanes Uedes Galih Landung Prasojo lives in Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. He is currently attending Grade 9 at SMP Pangudi Luhur 1 Kalibawang. He is the second eldest in the family out of the four children. His dad was not able to finish high school and now works as a farmer. Yohanes’s mother works as a teacher.
Yohanes’s grades in school are above average. Most of his classes have scores above from 85. His teachers recognise Yohanes’s attitude in and outside of class is very good and well behaved. He always prays before he eats and is known as a very honest, responsible, confident and high-achieving student. Yohanes always represents his school’s OSN (National Science Olympiad). He aspires to grow up and become a teacher.
Voice of Music received a letter from Yohanes’s school regarding his school academics, activities and behavior. They recommend Yohanes as a recipient of education.

Funds needed  for Yohanes in school year 2017/2018 is as follows:
First semester:

  • School Fee ( 6 months)            : Rp. 1.350.000,-
  • Education preparation fee : Rp. 1.687.500,-
  • Activities fee (6 months) : Rp.    900.000,-
  • Practical fee (6 months) : Rp     200.000,-
  • Financial fee (6 months) : Rp. 1.250.000,-
Second Semester:
  • School Fee (6 months) : Rp. 2.250.000,-
  • Education preparation fee: Rp. 1.487.500,-
Total education fee for school year 2017/2018: Rp. 9.125.000,-

  1. Voice of Music Wallet
    Rp 4.887.500
  2. Anonim
    Rp 500.000
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