About Us

Voice of Music was established because of one’s strong passion in music in addition to one’s willingness to participate in creating a better future for future generations; therefore utilizing human musical talents in order to aid the poor through sponsorship of education and prosthetics.

Voice of Music‘s main platform is the Voice of Music website www.voiceofmusic.org The website allows people to create an account, get the access to list and information of the education fund recipients or prosthetics fund recipients, choose the recipient they want to help and donate to either one of the divisions: education or prosthetics, starting from a minimum of twenty thousands rupiah (Rp. 20,000,-). All transactions will be reported transparently.

Voice of Music focuses on the sponsorship on two divisions:
Education mitigates the effects of poverty by equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to lead successful and productive lives. There is a strong association between educational success and economic disadvantage. It is shown that poor people generally receive less education in comparison to the rich, showing a direct correlation between income and education. Better education paves way to better jobs, thus providing the poor the ability to escape the clutches of poverty.
Voice of Music‘s education division will focus more on the sponsorship of education. Applicants will have to go through a selective process by the Voice of Music team to ensure applicant is suitable for financial aid. Once approved, Voice of Music will feature the applicant on the Voice of Music website for a limited time period. Voice of Music will pay the sponsored portion of the tuition fee to the location of study directly.
2. Prosthetics:Losing a limb is definitely a traumatic experience - be it due to an accident or a terrible misfortune. One must understand the scope of losing a limb: not only does the loss of a limb subject a person to the inability of doing seemingly simple tasks such as using a spoon, it may also cause a person to lose his job, leaving said person unemployed. Indeed, this will affect the income of said person’s family, leaving the family with less income and perhaps even result in more costs to take care of the amputee. The only remedy is for the amputee to use a prosthetic. Unfortunately, the cost of obtaining a prosthetic is inordinately high. The poor are unable to afford these prosthetics.
Voice of Music ‘s prosthetics division aims to raise funds to provide prosthetics to the poor, allowing the amputee to perform tasks with their otherwise amputated limbs.